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Since day zero, we are committed with your property making use of all our experience in this business. New beginnings can be scary that is why we will kick off providing you a 5% off during your first 3 months in order to make it easier to enter on the market without sacrificing profits. We are committed to our partners, among our responsibilities, stands out to guarantee the success in our businesses plan.

We are keen on what we do, and so you are. Feelings and sensations are key, we know that every little detail matters.

Our corporate philosophy steers clear of long-lasting relationships, driven by force of habit, self-interest, money or luck.

We take care on every little detail that can affect in business and, first and foremost, we work on the relationships with our partners, from our point to view, respect, understanding, communication and trust are keys to set a well-founded business project.

We have professionalised each one of the business aspects and we would love to share it to you:

Sales channel


We work on the most important sales channel across the market, we provide a standard cancellation policy being always available thanks to our minimum 2 nights rate.


We have invested in a ground breaking system which synchronis e our properties on the main sales channels avoiding overbooking, f urthermore:



Many companies limit their partners to a calendar where they only can track the availability.


We provide our partners a full access to all information required



Most of the companies do not have a customer service office and they simply use security key-boxes for key’s collection. This results in an impersonal customer service and, above all, unprofessionalism, since the guest may go through their entire stay without meeting any company representative.




Different prices depending on what the competition does.


Ground breaking artificial intelligence system for pricing:

This system guarantees an optimal pricing for each property at any moment and, as a result, a higher profitability.

This is the official website of Sunset Malaga Apartments, for renting apartments in Malaga and the Costa del Sol. We can offer you an apartment for your vacation, but if you are a property owner, we can also provide you with a complete and professional management of your property, guaranteeing high income to our owners, maximum transparency, and an innovative pricing system.

Are you a homeowner?

5% discount for owners during the first 3 months!

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